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22 Dec

Millionaire Mind: How To (Think like a Millionaire, Be a Millionaire)

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Millionaire Mind: How to (Think like a Millionaire, Be a Millionaire)

Your mind never shuts up. You are always thinking about things without stopping. You are constantly talking to yourself. This is known as Self-Talk.


Your Self-Talk is that "constant talking to yourself" INSIDE YOUR HEAD that goes on all day long including all those pictures you are imagining when you 'self-talk' to yourself. By means of this constant conversation with yourself, you are ALL THE TIME evaluating and interpreting everything that is happening to you, to your performance, around you and to other people also.

If a person is satisfied with his financial performance, he may 'self-talk' to himself by saying "Great, that is real great, I am a financial genius". or maybe something like "John, that was superb. You are such a great money maker". In this case, his Self-Talk is very positive and will help build and reinforce a positive financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint).

Now, if he is unhappy with his financial results, he may 'self-talk' to himself with statements such as "That was lousy, I am such a loser. I cannot make any money"", "it is so hard to make money. You'll never go nowhere". In this case his Self-Talk is very negative and will keep reinforcing a negative Self-Image (Money Blueprint).

You CONTINUOUSLY build and modify your financial Self-Image bit by bit with your OWN Self-Talk.

A person's Self-Talk is always in the direction of his predominant beliefs, values and rules.

Unfortunately, most people have their Subconscious filled with negative, limiting beliefs, values and rules. Therefore, their Self-talk keeps reinforcing their negative, very limited financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint).

if you do not know how to control your own Self-Talk, you will have a hard time developing that coveted Millionaire Mind you need to become a millionaire.

Let's learn a very simple method to help build your Millionaire Mind -- instead of constantly reinforcing an already negative, limiting Money Blueprint.

Unless you have already trained yourself (and your own Subconscious), MOST of your Self-Talk is negative and destructive. You are constantly rehearsing in your mind past financial failures, things that went wrong, situations where you felt rejected or humiliated, all the financial losses of your past. You are even thinking about everything that will go wrong tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. You may be already thinking about all the financial struggles you will experience in the future.

By doing so, you are reinforcing that negativity and attracting to yourself MORE of the same. Keep in mind the Universe, through the universal Law of Attraction, functions as a mirror REFLECTING back to you according to your BELIEFS -- and your Self-Talk..


There is a way to neutralize this negative tendency of the mind. It doesn't take lots of effort. ONLY a bit of persistence and constant practice. It will also help you program your Subconscious for wealth and riches. The method is simplicity itself. From now on, all throughout the day, keep repeating over and over many times the following 'programming' instructions. Do it while walking, shaving, taking a shower, driving, etc.

1 I am a millionaire.

2 It is real easy for me to be a millionaire

3 I am a money magnet.

4. Millions of dollars flow to me now quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Do you really believe all that 100% right now? Most likely, NO! You will have to change the contents of your Subconscious FIRST by using this easy, simple method.

Keep repeating them over and over all through the day. Do NOT FORCE it. Do NOT try to make yourself believe them. Just repeat them. Little by little, you will be saturating your Subconscious with this new information. And after doing this for some time, you will start to notice your thoughts start to align themselves with the thoughts of someone who is a millionaire.

Your job is to keep repeating these instructions even though you don't believe a word of what you're telling yourself - and NOT to wonder whether they are working or not.

It is CRITICAL you start repeating them when you begin to think negatively. The moment any negative, limiting thoughts about yourself and your life pop into your mind, start repeating those instructions over and over. Soon, your Subconscious will learn to shut up or bring up only positive thoughts and ideas.

This procedure will also help program your Subconscious with the beliefs that you are a millionaire, a money magnet and that money is coming to you quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Do NOT force it. Do NOT try to make yourself believe these statements. Just get busy using this very simple but very powerful method.

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